Behind the Wheel




Schedule by sending in Application/contract 

with a $50 deposit. 


Or you can schedule to meet at one of the local schools and hand it to instructor.


Behind-the-Wheel Driver's Education only. 


  • Classes are currently $335.


Currently, we do not offer Classroom schooling and we do not offer Driver Improvement.


Our office is located in Strasburg, VA and we will come to your school for pick up and drop off.  However, there are circumstances that may require a central location for everyone to meet if not in the same school area.       




Classes run 7 days:   Each day requires the student 50 minutes of driving and 50 minutes of observation. Testing is conducted on the 7th day.


Mail all Forms to:

Emmanuel Driving School

850 Junction Rd.

Strasburg, VA  22657







Mr. Abe, the Owner/Instructor, has operated this business since 2006.


His prior experiences include Go Kart Racing, Drag strip racing, Teaching Behind the Wheel for Shenandoah Co. Public Schools, and Safety Concepts private school.


* Holds a Motorcycle Operator License.


* He passed the BSR Accident Avoidance and Highway Safety Driver Training Course and was offered a position to be an Instructor.**


* Attended a VADETS Driver training/Safety Seminar.


* Attends Workshops for Clinicians: Alzheimer's/Other Dementias and Medical Fitness to Drive.


* Currently, he is contracted with Valley Health to train drivers with handicap controls, in which both cars are equipped.